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Why WE Ship from the West Coast

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Costco is a nationwide retailer operating in every state boasting over 640 stores,

Costco Store Count by Region; 27% of all stores are in California alone

but that doesn't mean its distribution volume is equal across this great country.

The West Coast reigns supreme for both store count and store through-put; with Mira Loma, CA (outside Los Angeles) taking the cake with nearly 15% of all orders

As a partner shipping from Los Angeles I wanted to back up my hunch that the West Coast is the place to pack and ship, I pulled numbers for a recent 2019, 3Q-4Q program that just completed shipping in full.

Your brand can save time and money when shipping from a West Coast Partner

Here's the tally:

2409 pallets shipped

1128 West Coast

665 Mid West

616 East Coast

53% of total shipments stay on West Coast. 360 pallets went to Mira Loma alone. That’s 15% of the order!

As part of Costco's annual report, they mention "Within the US we are highly dependent on our California operations, which comprised 30% of US net sales in 2019. Our California market in general, has a larger percentage of higher volume warehouses as compares to our other domestic markets."

Berkley Intl's Carson, CA office bursting at the seams prior to 4Q holiday shipments
In 2019, California operations comprised 30% of US net sales.

While it may sound smart to ship from Mid-America, you cant deny the numbers with Costco.

Your brand can save time and money when shipping from a West Coast Partner.

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