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Choosing the Right Pull Card

Higher dollar value items have been moving more and more to a PULL card in recent years.

You know, you've seen them. A pallet display with no actual product. Asking you to "Take this to the Register" to get your goods.

Effective Pull Card Display by SimpliSafe
While your first thought as a brand owner may be negative, its actually a pretty good deal!

Pull Cards are relatively cheap, and get recycled throughout the items life. Low cost packaging, or even standard retail channel packaging, can be used in the "back" and only seen after a purchase has been made.

This poses ONE challenge for Club.

Your customer cannot SEE what they are buying. We need to focus on a compelling layout that quickly TEACHES your customer what you are selling, and why they need to buy.

Full Digital Test Run- Garmin

Recently, different styles and materials for Pull Cards have popped up:

1. Fold Over

2. Double Wall printed two sides

3. Single Wall- printed two sides

4. Chipboard- printed two sides

Which one is right for you and your brand? Which has the right balance of cost and durability?

Reach out to talk about the advantages and cost differences between these 4 very different approaches.


The Costco Packaging Guy

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