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Fight your spellcheck: Shoppability is a word

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

What makes a pallet display Shoppable?

Or in other words, as the Oxford dictionary puts it: Conducive to shopping?

Product can be taken from three sides of a feature pallet display free of distracting void fillers. Strong side walls keep trays from falling into each other on the floor

You have to be seen to be shopped, and the best way to do that is to advertise on all sides-- or at least three

Lets not make it hard on our customers. We only have mere seconds of their attention and decisions happen quick.

When thinking about the best way to layout your feature pallet I ask myself the following: What is the best way to be seen and how do I attract attention to the product?

The best way to be seen is to lay things out so the so product can be pulled from at least three sides. This makes it easy on your customer, and motivates store employees to place your pallet on an end cap-- driving sales velocity.

Make the product your hero by attracting attention to the product; not the packaging. Design to avoid distracting void fillers. Design from the start, and the add structural elements needed to cube out a pallet that is going to survive the rigors of the cross-dock system. IF done right, those structural elements become your void filler & your marketing area.

Work with your buyer, your designers and rely on a co-pack facility that is gong to ensure pallets are done right.



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