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Its Happening: TTR Display Standardization

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

"Costco is not a marketing billboard.

We sell products and our pallet displays need to be product first. Stocked with product, or in this case Take To Register (TTR) cards, and align with the "no-frills" shopping experience that is Costco. Gone are the days of the big brand billbord"

Above is not a direct quote, whatsoever. I'm 100% paraphrasing.

It is the gist of high level conversations with Costco buyers as we worked though implementing these guidelines for a 4Q2023 program. This new style and philosophy comes straight from the SVP at Costco who is going to be personally approving all false bottom pallets

Example of a brand billboard, aka Marketing Card display

Dont shoot the messenger....

In my humble Costco Packaging opinion, there is a ton I love about what we'll call the "Marketing Card display". It speaks to many of the fundamentals we discuss here often at The Costco Packaging Guys- Value Statements, 5x5 rule, etc. I think many brands really get these right but, the times they are a-changin'
JBL Charge 5 display reworked to Costco's new Standardization guidelines

When we got our hands on the first draft of a TTR Standardization document back in August 2023, we were shocked to say the least. It was brief, but outlined (just) enough to turn our projects on end.

Since, we worked with the Costco buying team in detail to create a clear three page guideline based on what Costco sent out.

Here is our very detailed guideline shining a spot light on Costco's goals

Heres the skinny:

Each TTR Card is now a standard 10”W x 15”H

Every Tray is identical & Modular

Layout is a (must) three-side shoppable

Butterfly skirt construction new size!)

Three Fillers are required to cube the layout

Please see the Official Costco Packaging Guys Guideline HERE

There are exceptions to these rules. This is a guideline not a requirement. Always consult your buyer for approvals and questions



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