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Surviving the Regional Test

So, you finally did it. You got into Costco.

All those late nights and final tweaks to your product presentation is finally paying off.

Then you are blindsided by the most painful hurdle in the Club Store cycle:

The 20 Pallet Test

This takes thought and guts. Every decision is going to make or break this opportunity-- and the bank. Here is my top 4 tips on How to Survive:


1. Layout matters: Inefficient layouts drive cost with unnecessary pallet fillers. Dial in your displays with the least number of trays possible!

2. Partner with a co-packer that thrives in Club: You need custom materials at bulk pricing. Don't underestimate the costs for Shipping materials (pallet wraps, caps, and

v-boards). You need a partner that stocks these common items and can work with you on a solutions.

3. Digital print: Today's digital print capabilities can go a long way at reducing costs, but know when to use it! Low volume digital manufacturing can alleviate tooling costs associated with machine run parts. Gone are the days of plain white trays!

4. Value Statements: This is your chance. No one is on the floor selling your product. You need clear and concise value statements that will grab attention and communicate, in one simple sentence, what your product is and why they should buy it in Club

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