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Sustainability through pallets.

Pallets are boring. We get it. Although there is a story behind everything.

The 48"x40" pallet is essential for product distribution in North America. Standardizing pallet sizes is intended to ensure that pallets can be reused across multiple industries.

The issue is that all too often, low quality pallets last 1 shipment or less.

Costco's strict pallet quality and design requirements ensure pallets are not only robust enough to keep your shipment safe, it also ensures pallets will be reused after delivery.

Costco's strict pallet quality and design requirements ensure sustainability through reuse.

Which is which? Blue over Red?

Lets run through a top-level summary of each

Both Blue (CHEP) and Red (PECO) are pallet rental services. You are charged daily rental rate until the pallet is delivered into retail and removed from your boots. Its complicated and a little nerve racking as charges stack up while programs progress.

Plastic pallets are great for food and, according to recent rumors, slated to take over in Costco by 2021. Stay tuned.

Natural Block pallets are purchased and are one-time use. Costco's specifications are strict; pay attention to what it takes to go with pallets outside of the rental systems.

So, whether your pallet is Blue, Red, Black or Natural be assured you are doing something positive for the environment.

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