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The Costco Butterfly

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I cant tell you how many customers I've spoken with get confused by the Costco Butterfly Skirt. Just the terminology is confusing.

Wrapping their heads around how it works has driven people crazy.

The pallet skirt is your billboard in an environment where no one is there to help sell your product.

So, lets dive into this ingenious design and how it makes a pallet display come to life.

The butterfly skirt has been around since nearly the beginning of the Costco experiment. Its smart, cost effective and powerful. It ships along with the pallet and functions as protection (in transit) and marketing (in store).

At its simplest, a full color graphic panel is applied to each side of the pallet (A+B). After the Product Load is placed on top (C), each panel is folded UP (as shown above) in transit.

Once in store, the magic (and confusion) happens. The entire pallet load is placed on 3-5 empty pallets, transportation materials are removed, and each panel is folded DOWN to create a seamless billboard.

There has been a big push lately to eliminate the Butterfly skirt. One big trend, especially in HABA is to use the bottom layer of Trays instead. By turning them around we use the back of each Tray to create the product billboard! Genius!

There are many ways to make a butterfly skirt happen. Be careful, many are patented! Reach out to talk about what format best meets your needs

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