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Value Statements Matter

We talk all the time here at The Costco Packaging Guys about the need to communicate Member Value. The need to communicate, quickly, what your product IS and why the Member needs to BUY.

This is achieved with clear and effective Value Statements

This is not achieved with bullet points, repeating brand logos, and loud lifestyle imagery.

I get it. You're a Brand Manager and understandably proud of your brand. You spend big bucks on marketing campaigns, social media and efforts to boost brand awareness. this has payed off in Target where you are in a sea of 70,000 items. Not here my friend.

Not in the aisles of Costco.

Strivectin's Value Statement is compelling, understandable and eye catching
TCPG's 5 x 5 Rule for success: Member needs to know in 5 seconds, from 5 feet, what your product is and why they need to BUY it.

Here, we need to step into the zone of product scarcity, treasure hunt shopping and expansive (ever changing) aisles of feature pallet displays.

Sounds daunting, I know.

We do have one thing on our side: the Product TRAY. Yes!

This humble chunk of eco-friendly corrugated is the backbone of a Costco store. Serving as shipping medium, store shelf, "grocery bag" and (wait for it) salesman.

I see too many brands forget about this ultra powerful communicator that no other retail channel embraces (or needs). This massive billboard is the perfect place for an effective Value Statement

Components of a Value Statement

  • Clear: Bold messaging that differentiates and describes your product in the least number of words possible

  • Font: A large font in a contrasting color that leaps off the print.

  • Solid: A solid background with no overlapping logos or cute embellishments

  • Minimal: Logos are not value statements. Lets get our Members eyes up to the product as quick as possible-- the Brand is the Product

A powerful Value Statement is the centerpiece of your feature pallet display in Costco. Use this tool wisely and your sales velocity will thank you. Best of all, its free.

Until next time,


**we have a policy here of only showing the good and omitting the bad from our posts. Give us a shout directly for more information (and to talk through examples of what NOT to do)

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