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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Following Costco's Packaging Specifications are critical to success.

Let me say that another way; Failing to follow Costco's packaging specifications can be a financially devastating mistake. If you've been following this blog you've heard us reiterate countless times that packaging is critical because Costco is a no-touch supply chain-- meaning, there is no extra handling or stocking of shelves. Once your shipping materials are removed, the Feature Pallet Display is ready to be shopped. Check out our CPG's article: Costco's Cross-Docking Choreography

Costco has invested a significant amount of time to setup the cross-docking process and investment to keep it running. How we do ensure our packaging does not get in the way? The answer is: follow and understand Costco's packaging specifications:

Costco conducts random performance compliance audits to confirm that packaging meets specifications. If packaging is non-compliant, the item may be at risk of deletion, or subject to a 2% charge back reimbursing Costco's operational and handling costs as a result of non-compliant packaging.

It's important to work with someone that understands these specs inside and out. Talk to a professional. Quick overview:

  • No new products will be brought into the system unless it is compliant with Costco’s packaging requirements

  • Packaging must be engineered to maintain its structural integrity throughout Costco’s entire supply chain

  • Costco packaging specifications help to ensure that Costco’s employees and members are working and shopping in a safe environment

  • Costco’s goal is to drive out costs by eliminating extra packaging, handling, and corrugate waste, whenever possible

  • Packaging must be display-ready, with no handling required

A professional needs to provide you with the packaging designs and renderings complete with all required details to receive the Costco buyer’s approval for the following:

  • Package Engineering Factors and Performance Requirements

  • Unitized Pallet Requirements, Feature pallet dimensions, weight and cube efficiency

  • Blister Packaging and/or unit carton specifications, stretch cards, blister boxes, blister cards, and clamshells

  • Tray design, materials specs and die lines

  • Pallet style and compliance documentation

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